Propeller testing

Drone propulsion units are critical systems that require particular design attention. A good propulsion design allows for more energy efficient, safer, more robust, less noisy, or simply more performant drones.

  • WindShape Testing Services - Drone propeller testing using RCbenchmark test stand

In order to offer a vast variety of test configurations, we have assembled a test bench (including RCbenchmark test stand) that is capable of characterizing drone propulsion units in any particular airflow. For example, propulsion units for fixed-wing can be tested as if the drone was at cruise speed – with the wind direction perpendicular to the propeller disk. For multi-copter drones, we can test the propulsion unit with any apparent wind angle from 0 to 90 degrees.

Thus test bench includes:

  • 1.5m x 0.75m (width x height) windshaper
  • RCbenchmark 1585 test stand (link to specs)
  • 1’000 FPS optical camera (SONY RX100 MKIV)

Finally, thanks to our ongoing industrial and institutional partnerships, we can have access to a vast variety of tools and facilities that are not listed here. For instance, we can offer alternative testing environment such as hot, cold, rain, snow, icing, abrasive materials, etc. We encourage you to contact us with any inquiry regarding the testing of propulsion units.


  • 1.5×0.75m test section @ 16m/s
  • 0.5×0.5m test section @ 35m/s
  • Trust up to 50N
  • Torque up to 1.5Nm
  • Optical camera

Test facility

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