Weather testing

Resilience to weather is what can enable drones to fly 24/7 for various applications. Flying in weather can increase the probability of mission failure and for this reason we encourage all manufacturers to get ahead of the regulation/standards by testing and adapting their design during the development phase.

  • WindShape Testing Services - DJI Mavic Pro drone test in cold wind with dendritic snow

Our current configuration allows for testing drones up to 1.2m wingspan in our 1.5m x 0.75m windshaper. We can generate different types of rain, ranging from drizzle to heavy rain.

At the moment we do not have a climate chamber available at our test site but we do have partners whom can accommodate our windshaper in their climate chamber. Fell free to contact us with any inquiry regarding tests in cold, snow and icing conditions.


  • Wind speed up to 16m/s
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Icing conditions
  • Low temperatures
  • Motion tracking camera
  • Optical camera
  • Flow sensors

Test facility

Rue de Bourgogne 25
1203 Geneva

Phone: +41 22 340 74 74