About us

We founded WindShape in 2016 with the sole aim of revolutionizing the field of experimental aerodynamics by commercializing a new family of wind generating equipment: the windshaper. Today, while our technology has gently paved its way to become a reference in the scientific community, we are still at the beginning of the exploration of its capabilities. We envision that our expertise together with our products will become a facilitator for every new drone application. Even more… it may become an enabler as it has the potential to solve the problem of drone validation, inspection, and certification.

Managing Team

Guillaume Catry
Guillaume CatryCEO
Luca Jacopo Bardazzi
Luca Jacopo BardazziHead of Production
Sergio Marquez
Sergio MarquezHead of Engineering
Nicolas Bosson
Nicolas BossonCOO
Flavio Noca
Flavio NocaScientific Advisor

Academic Support

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