High speed testing

Some applications require higher speed than what we can achieve right behind the fans of the windshaper (which is 16m/s or 60km/h). Our current test facility features a modular tunnel with a 5:1 contraction ratio. The 0.5×0.5m test section allows wind speed up to 130km/h in open test section configuration or up to 180km/h in closed test section configuration. Currently, due to the small test section, our high-speed capabilities are limited to objects with small cross section.

Finally, this modular digital wind tunnel is also designed to integrate our rain generator or our automatic snow sieving machine. Please feel free to contact us as we are very flexible to discuss any test scenario.

  • windshaper 6x3 modules with 162 wind pixels - 50m/s wind tunnel


  • 0.5×0.5m test section @ 50m/s
  • Optical camera
  • Flow sensors
  • Flow visualization (smoke)
  • ProCap

Test facility

Rue de Bourgogne 25
1203 Geneva

Phone: +41 22 340 74 74