WindShape Announces Its Participation in the Innovative Osage PathFinders Development Program

NEWS RELEASE – April 12, 2024, TULSA, Oklahoma

WindShape is thrilled to announce its active participation in the Osage PathFinders Development (OPD) Program, a visionary initiative set to architect the future of aviation and aerospace leadership among the youth of the Osage Nation.

Launched by the Osage Nation, this remarkable and unique program, will take off with the support of its first industry partners – WindShape and the Riverside Flight Center.  The OPD program is committed to fostering a new generation of STEM, aviation, and aerospace leaders, integrating advanced flight and aerospace training with the rich cultural heritage of the Osage Nation.

The OPD program unfolds over three transformative years. Each year is representative of a ‘Pillar of Success’ that’s  designed to progressively immerse the participants (called the ‘PathFinders’), in the complexities and opportunities of the aerospace sector.

WindShape, together with the Riverside Flight Center and other educational partners will offer the PathFinders an unmatched educational journey. This experience spans advanced pilot training and certification, culminating in hands-on STEM applications as a Facility Apprentice, within WindShape’s innovative Testing, Inspection, Validation, and Certification (TIVAC) center at SkyWay36.

Year One: Foundational Aerospace Knowledge and FAA Pilot Certification
In its inaugural year, the program lays the foundation for success by offering comprehensive flight training through the Riverside Flight Center. Participants will not only earn their FAA professional manned and unmanned pilot certifications, but they will also realize profound experiences in aviation operations, safety protocols, and a relevant engagement with Osage cultural values.

Year Two: STEM Curriculum
The second year marks a significant expansion of the PathFinders’ horizons, deepening their engagement with the aviation sector. In this phase, WindShape and other educational partners will introduce the PathFinders to a STEM curriculum that bridges aviation science with real word experience, preparing them for their crucial role as Facility Apprentices at WindShape’s state-of-the-art Testing, Inspection, Validation, and Certification (TIVAC) center at SkyWay36.

Year Three: Real-world Apprenticeship at WindShape
Year three heralds the transition to a hands-on apprenticeship within WindShape’s innovative TIVAC laboratories. Here, the PathFinders will apply their accumulated knowledge in a real-world setting, engaging with cutting-edge drone technologies and operational practices that promise to place them at the forefront of the aerospace industry.

Guillaume Catry, Co-founder and CEO of WindShape, states, “Our collaboration with the Osage Nation, Riverside Flight Center, and Oklahoma State University on the OPD program is a profound honor and a testament to our shared commitment to innovation, education, and cultural heritage. We are dedicated to nurturing the potential of the Osage Nation youth, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and cultural grounding necessary to lead the next wave of aerospace excellence.”

This collaboration represents a pioneering effort to harmonize traditional cultural values with contemporary scientific and technical education, setting a new standard for cultural aviation excellence and aerospace training programs worldwide.